Can You Give me 30 Seconds?

Why Do People Go to Church? I’m guessing most people don’t sit around thinking about this question. You are probably one of those people. But…would you be willing to? Please take 30 seconds and answer the question. Why do People Go to Church? Or, Why do You Go to Church?  

Let me give you one word: Hope
With Hope comes Joy. With Hope comes Peace. With Hope comes the ability to Endure.
The Holidays can be a tough season for many! The loss of loved ones, the materialistic busyness, the over-demanding job! Many people do not have Hope.
People can find Hope at church! Putting oneself among a group of people who love God and love others results in having an uncommon Hope.

Can I ask another question… Who Can You Invite to Church This Sunday?

This Sunday starts our Advent Series: “Christmas, A Season of Hope
Let’s Share our Hope and Invite Others to Church!