Finding Roses on the Door Step

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“But I have this against you, that you have left your first love.” Revelation 2:4

Roses on the door step, times of lighthearted laughter together, many letters sent back and forth…there are things that I did to grow in my love for my wife and things that she did to grow in her love for me.

Today I get to do something I love to do! I get to lead a wedding ceremony for two people that I love. Not only that, but it is by a beautiful lake in Oregon. I love being married and I love helping others get excited about marriage. I also love helping others learn how they can have a joy filled and successful marriage!

Jesus is speaking to a church in the verse above when He tells them that they have left their first love. They stopped doing the things that grew their love for Him in the first place.

Just as there are things that we do to grow in our love for Jesus, there are things that we do to grow in our love for our spouse. If we stop doing those things, we may be able to run on cruise-control for a few miles, but it won’t be long before our tank runs dry.

What happens when our tank runs dry? Life seems to lose its luster, you seem to get irritated more with your spouse, your affection for your spouse dries up.

I have found that life is all about relationships. Relationship with God and relationship with people. In order to have dynamic relationships, we must continue to practice things that grow our love for God, our spouse, and others.

What are the things you did at first to grow your love for your spouse?

Have a Great Week!

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