What is it? Can you define it? Is it something you can smell? Is it something you can taste? Christians use this word like they use the word waffles. Everyone knows waffles. After this post this morning, I am going to make my family waffles. As soon as I say that, for many of you, your saliva glands start working and you wonder if you could invite yourself over to my place. Did you know that glory is one of those words that should get your system going just as much as the word waffle? I want to encourage you to do a word study in the Bible on glory and figure out how it relates to God and your relationship with God.

The Apostle Paul, in the first chapter of the letter to the Galatians said, “And they were glorifying God because of me” (Galatians 1:24). Paul was a fierce persecutor of the church. He hated Christians! He was going around and killing Christians until Jesus appeared to him on the road to Damascus. After Jesus got a hold of his life, Paul became a fierce proponent of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Can you imagine the thoughts and feelings that Christians were having about this man who once was trying to kill people like them, but now is going around preaching about the Savior they have trusted in for salvation. Ever tried to forgive someone before? Talk about hard!

Apparently many did forgive, because they were “glorifying God because of” the new man, the transformed after meeting Jesus, Paul. When we live our life for Jesus and are really sold out to Him, people around us are going to give glory to God. Question, are the people around you giving glory to God because of your relationship with Him?

Let’s be a church (body of Christ) that helps those around us give glory to God! This will happen as our words and actions are transformed because of the work that Jesus does in our hearts!

Have a great day and go eat a Waffle!

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  1. Barbara Marquez says:

    I HATE waffles but thankfully love hearing about glorifying God!

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