Light Those Lamps!

“Be dressed in readiness, and keep your lamps alight.” Luke 12:35

I love the Christmas song Days of Elijah! I know this song is not normally considered a Christmas song, but it is tied to Christmas in that Jesus came to give His life and now He is returning to give us life forevermore!

I like to be prepared. I don’t always achieve it. But, I try.

Yesterday at church, we lit the Peace candle. The Christmas Season is a reminder of the fact that Jesus came to the earth to be with us. Jesus didn’t stay a baby in the manger. He grew up into a man that sacrificed His life on the cross to save us from our sins. Jesus didn’t come to the earth for us to continue to ooh and awe over a baby but to present our lives to Him as our King and Lord. Now, we are waiting for the day that Jesus comes back to set everything right again.

Jesus tells us above how to be prepared for His return. He expects His followers to be ready to act when the time is right. He expects His followers to have their lamps lit so that they can see when He gets here.

Are you prepared for His return?

Preparation Checklist:

  1. Prayer
    1. Are you talking with Him often? Do your prayers reflect His Lordship in your life? Do your prayers involve reaching the lost with the Gospel?
  2. Bible
    1. Are you growing in your knowledge of the scriptures? Are you doing what God’s Word says?
  3. Others
    1. Are you giving yourself to others? Jesus came to give Himself to others. He expects His followers to follow His example. One of the best ways to give yourself to others is to figure out how to share the gospel with them in a way they will listen!

Peace is the result of knowing you are Prepared to meet the Coming King!

Merry Christmas!