Merry Christmas…Darth Vader?

“When they had seen Him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child” Luke 2:17

We have a tradition of getting a yummy hot drink and going to look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve. This Christmas Eve (yesterday), it snowed…! I cancelled Christmas Eve communion service because I did not want to put anyone else at risk for traveling on the slippery roads. But,..that didn’t stop us from going to look at lights! For the most part, we stayed to neighborhood roads that were less traveled in order to avoid other crazy drivers.

I saw Santa…I saw Reindeer…I saw Peanut’s characters…I saw Disney Characters…I even saw Darth Vader! Who knew Darth Vader was a Christmas decoration!? Merry Christmas…,Darth Vader?
The lights were beautiful! Some simple, some elaborate, some crazy…some told a story!
One house sticks out among the rest and that one had a Nativity scene along with a cross.
Just as the shepherds started spreading the word about the Messiah once they saw Him, I got to see families spreading the word about Jesus through their Christmas decorations!

Those who have seen Him, spread the word about Him!

Have a wonderful Christmas as you spread the word about Jesus! He has come to save us from our sins!

Merry Christmas!