Prayer Request

Brad, March 26, 2021 - 7:29 am

I need prayer against spiritual attack on my family and employment. I’m always targeted on my computer and softphone at work. (I work from home and my corporate office is in Charlotte North Carolina) and it seems like every day something is crashing or logging me out and it’s making it very stressful and affecting my health and it keeps me from making as many sales as I could. Since I’m all the way across the country using my own laptop and internet they can’t do much for tech support and the voip phone system we use doesn’t have the server in their office but at the service provider’s location so no one can figure out why it keeps happening. Some of the issues happen to a lot of people but most of the issues are happening to me only and it’s beyond stressful. Every morning Teresa and I get together we pray for justice and protection of our family and home and pray over my pc and software and that the Lord brings opportunities my way and the last two weeks the sales have been almost non-existent and that is stressful as well.