Prayer Request

BJ Darnall, February 25, 2022 - 2:23 pm

Fervent pray for Ukraine, and all who are impacted by conflict.
Church leaders and aid charities seek to avert disaster in Ukraine (

Ongoing prayer for Heart for Lebanon as they serve thousands of Syrian refugees.

Pray the worldwide church will rally prayer and support for Christians who are suffering around the world.

Prayer world leaders will use Godly wisdom.

Prayer for those who are taking a righteous stand against evil in our own country, often requiring immense sacrifice.

My husband and I are both disabled. We have provided 100% support, including medical and dental expenses for a daughter in Houston for two years. She has a rare genetic condition, and contracted Covid at work early in the pandemic.

Our daughter Brie has two very important medical appointments on Feb 28th and March 3rd.
We have seen a series of small incremental improvements. It is encouraging, but the road to recovery is long.

Brie needs access to better health care. We cannot buy insurance that will cover preexisting conditions.
If all goes well, the upcoming medical appointments may help overcome some, but not all systems barriers. She has a solid plan to reenter the workforce, but will need major accommodations, access to comprehensive health care and support to make a successful transition.