Show Me the Money!

“Then Moses said, ‘I pray Thee, show me Thy glory!’” Exodus 33:18

As I sit in my warm living room this morning by the fire and look out the window at the white covered ground…I’m reminded of the condition of my heart without God’s grace and Spirit working in me.

Without God…my heart is cold

Without God…my heart is icy

Without God…my heart is hard

But God comes in and makes my heart warm…He makes my heart tender…He sets my heart a flame!

Moses asked God to show him His glory. The word glory in the Hebrew means wealth. Moses wanted to see all that God was worth. Moses did not ask God to “Show me the money!”…Moses was asking God to show him all that He was. Moses wanted to know His God more intimately. Although Moses (nor any human) couldn’t handle the FULLNESS of God, God showed him his backside…

My prayer this morning is that God will show me His glory!

To see Jesus is to see the glory of God. (John 1:14) When we see Jesus…When we know Jesus…We will speak of Him!  

O Christian, let us seek to see Jesus more fully that we may be on fire to speak of Him!