The Issue of Authority!

Marriage and Family

The issue of Authority….

I’ve not met very many people who would say, “I love authority!” I have met more people that say (directly or indirectly), “I don’t want anyone to be my authority, I don’t want anyone to control me.”

Jesus said to his disciples before He ascended into Heaven, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth” (Matthew 28:18).

Has Jesus really been given ALL authority? Does Jesus have ALL authority in people’s lives? This certainly doesn’t match up with my experience. In fact, my experience says, Jesus doesn’t have much authority in people’s lives. We can look at many different areas in people’s lives today to see that He doesn’t have much authority. This morning, let’s consider just one area: Marriage.

Does Jesus have authority in my marriage? Does Jesus have authority in your marriage? What would our marriages look like if He did have ALL authority in our marriage? Would we FIGHT LESS? Would we LOVE MORE? Would we give our spouse the BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT? Would we TRUST MORE? Would we SPEAK KINDLY? Would we FORGIVE SOONER? Would we PRAY MORE for our spouse?

I think if Jesus had authority in our marriages, we would spend less time worrying about who was right and who was wrong. Furthermore, if Jesus had authority in our marriages, we would spend more time trying to see how we can make God and our spouse happy with our marriage!

The Word for marriages today: Jesus DOES have all authority, now let’s allow Him to have ALL authority in our Marriages!

Have a great day!

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