Hope, Not F Bombs

“And the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary; for you have found favor with God.” Luke 1:30

Setup: What does (1) a man yelling an F bomb at me, (2) a woman yelling at the other driver after a car crash, and (3) an irate postal worker yelling at a customer…have in common?

Punch Line: No Hope.

Not very funny, is it. These three situations plus some others I could share with you from last Tuesday, reveal an underlying problem in people’s lives today. Many people are living their lives without Hope.

Hope is realizing that you can have favor from the God of the universe.

Those who have hope are those who have the understanding they have been made right in God’s eyes. All those who receive Jesus are those who find favor with God!

There may be some out there that curse at you for trying to tell them about Jesus…but that shouldn’t stop us from trying to share the hope that we have in Him!

Let’s be bold and share our Hope in Jesus with the people around us this Christmas!

Merry Christmas!