Traffic, Traffic, Traffic!

“Go therefore to the main highways, and as many as you find there, invite to the wedding feast.” Matthew 22:9

After taking a couple of road trips across the country, I have discovered where I live is one of the worst spots for traffic in the country. In order to visit family members, we have to plan to leave at certain times if we don’t want to sit in traffic for hours. The highways are always jammed during the morning and evening commute along with other times of the day!

Three Things about Traffic:

  1. Lots of People Make Up that Traffic
  2. Lots of People Are Going Somewhere
  3. Lots of People Need Direction

Yesterday, we had a guest speaker, Tim Walter, for Sunday morning worship service. He reminded us of our responsibility as servants of the King to go to the highways and invite people to the wedding feast.

Three Things about the Highway:

  1. There are lots of people there
  2. There are people going somewhere
  3. There are people who need direction

Three Things about the King from this passage of scripture:

  1. He wants as many people that are willing to attend
  2. He wants to save people from going to the wrong place
  3. He wants His servants to tell people the directions to the feast

Let’s be servants of King Jesus that go to the highways to tell LOTS OF PEOPLE about Him!